4 Reasons to choose Modular Switches for home

Safety :Whether it’s a standard switch or a modular switch, safety is paramount. When purchasing switches for your home, you should make safety a top priority.

Long-life build quality: Modular switches offer a greater life expectancy than standard switches. Our Modular Switches, in fact, come with a Robust Steel Plunger that has been tested for over 250000 clicks and may last you virtually a lifetime.

Aesthetic design:  Modular switches provide a variety of beautiful designs to choose from. They provide significantly more material, color, and finish customization options. They also don’t always come with screw holes or sharp edges. With delicate curves and hidden screw patterns, they blend smoothly into the holes.

Quality of material: Unlike regular switches, the material utilized in Modular Switches is of far higher quality. Their clicks, finishes, and designs are so fantastic that after you install them, you’ll get nothing but compliments.

Here are four reasons why you should use Modular Switches in your home, particularly if you live in India.