15 Years Experience High Quality And High Stability

Oasis is a leading company that provides one-stop research and development of turnkey electronics, internet of things, and healthcare products/services for hardware and software from prototype to mass production with a high mix and low volume. Synergy consistently exceeds your expectations and consistently delivers quality.

Cost-Effective business resources.
Strategic workforce planning.
Highest quality talent in business.

High quality and high stability LED driver

One Stop Service

Oasis is a “One-Stop Service” for Custom Electronics, IoTs, and Healthcare Hardware and Software, from prototyping to testing and supporting customer products.

Best Price

Oasis will collaborate with you to ensure that your items are created, manufactured, and delivered at the best possible price.

Highest Quality

Clients of Oasis may be certain that their products will be made by skilled workers in well-equipped production facilities, resulting in the greatest quality at the lowest overall cost.

Customer’s Trust

We pledge that we will continue to earn customer’s trust with highest quality of products and services.