ED-NHR 50W700MA 100-300 V01-SPEC

Items Min Nom Max Unit
Rated mains voltage 100 300 V
Operational mains voltage limits 80 440 V
Mains frequency nominal 50/60 Hz
Input under voltage for protection N.A V
Input over voltage for protection 320 V
Restart voltage 310 V
Input Power @230Vac, full load 58 W
Input Power @100Vac, full load 21 W
Input Power @ None Load , rated mains voltage 0.5 W
System Efficiency @230Vac, full load 88 %
Input Current @220Vac, full load 260 mA
Power Factor @Input and Output performance range 0.95
THD @Input and Output performance range 10 %
Turn on delay time 0.5 S
Inrush Current 3.45A/34.6uS uS


Items Min Nom Max Unit
Output Voltage (performance) 48 72 V
Output Voltage tolerance (only for CV) N.A %
Output voltage ripple (only for CV) N.A mV
Max Output Voltage @ None load 82 V
Ouput Current (performance) 700 mA
Output Current Tolerance (only for CC) 8 %
Percent of the output current ripple (only for CC) 35 %
Output performance power range 50 W
Max Output Power (Over Power protection) N.A W
Short Circuit Protection Yes 、 Auto recovery


Ambient temperature (Ta) -15 – 60℃
Maximum    T case (Tc.max) NA
Life Time & Warranty >50000H     ;  3 years
Thermal Protection (Tc . limit) 90℃、Auto recovery
Suitable Environment (IP rating) IP65
Approval markings NA
Application Independent
Dimmable (TRIAC、0-10V、DALI、Smart) N.A
Dim-off voltage & dim – deep N.A
Sensor Type (IR 、Radar、phototonus 、Sound) N.A
Isolation (Basic / non-Isolation / SELV) Basic
Electric Strength Input – Output   2500Vac
Surge (DM / CM) DM 6kV
Dimension (L*W*H) &Weight 100*30*22mm、60g
Storage Environment -30~+85℃,    5~80%RH