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Create an ecosystem understanding GAP in present market conditions and help to reduce the design time cycle. A strong design team with 22 years experience in RnD back up by semiconductor professionals have 22 years of Global semiconductor sourcing experience with backup from China.


Oasis Technologies has a strong relation with leaders in Semiconductors. Which gives a choice of a variety of solutions, Which we map with the market requirement with optimum cost and quick design cycle.

Kitting Services

Once the design is frozen the electronic component ecosystem around it is the source and offered in an optimum prizing and lead time. Ex- Diode

We Support

Active - We support, ICS, DIODES, MOSFET.
Passive Component - Electrolight Capacitor, MLCC Capacitor, Polypropylene Capacitor, Disc Capacitor. Protection - Fuses, MOV.


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Oasis Technologies is a prominent global provider of power conversion and control solutions and equipment to top OEMs in the fields of information technology, telecommunications, automotive, railways, medical electronics, consumer electronics, lighting, and energy management.


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